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    I came by to look into Dungeon Keeper FX but then I saw this section and I knew I was with my people and created an account just to ask..... so EA did a horrible micro-transaction thing and I have not bought a game from them since. My personal protest but now has anyone brought some DK to mobile in a playable version yet??

    Boadie, an almost calm Buda.

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    Well, you could try Dosbox Turbo, with dungeon keeper 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    Well, you could try Dosbox Turbo, with dungeon keeper 1.
    Yep. Works real good with DosBox Turbo. I have it running on my Galaxy Tab S. If you also use an Android BT Keyboard & Mouse, it's just like running it on an old PC.

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