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Thread: How do I compile the wx launcher?

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    Default How do I compile the wx launcher?

    I have posted an issue on Github, but it looks like no one's monitoring that. I can't figure out the correct structure of the wx folder. Mainly it complains about "setup.h". There are 2 files named "setup.h". I've tried moving them into the location it expects, but one looks for other headers in the wrong location adjacent to it, and the other one fails at linking, complaining about "libjpeg" and "libexpat". Now I just wonder what version of wxwidgets is it guaranteed to work with?

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    Mefisto is still getting the notifications when somebody is making an issue/comment there, he is just ignoring them at the moment. I also noticed your question, but have never compiled the launcher myself. I found it difficult enough the get the game to build in the first place.

    There was another user who made changes to the launcher a few years ago, so he must have managed to compile it. You could try and ask him what he did, you can find his email here.

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    Thanks for the answer. I updated my issue. I guess I'll just patiently wait for response, and try to compile keeperfx in the meantime.

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