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    Hello folks!

    For a while now I've been looking at the few speed runs that exist on YouTube, which inspired me to try myself. I was wondering if there is an interest among other enthusiasts to start a speed running community of this wonderful game.

    DK1 and DKD is really incredible to run, there are so many different aspects which needs to be regarded. On a macro level, you need to make sure that your retarded hell hounds don't kill themselves on bouldertraps, imps suiciding in hero parties, the economy, room building efficiency etc. the list goes on. On a micro level it mostly comes down to slap and possession.

    Dungeon Keeper has a shitton of different interactions which makes a lot of solutions fun to try. The use of slap, must obey, speed monster, invisible monster, protect monster, boulder traps, lava traps, bridges, guard posts next to water/lava, POSSESSION, torturing, scavenging, temple sacrificing and so on, really affects different game plans in how to run a map.

    I would recommend anyone intrested to check the available speed-run by Maxime "zoonel" de Lacheisserie, who completes the original game (not FX) in 1 hour 55 minutes and 19 seconds.
    I would also recommend anyone interested to check out the runs on Morkardar, Korros-Tor, Kari-Mar and Netzcaro by 'Hodgey'. On Morkardar he uses the exploit to chop down a neutral wall to get a hreaper and basically runs up and kills blue at an instant. On Netzcaro he is skillfully abusing the AI's desire to kill you in order to lock hero parties at a bridge while he possesses and runs in - kills the LotL with a boulder trap and snipes the heart.

    I have so far tried to run Caddis Fell, Belbata and Dixaroc. Three very different maps. In Caddis, you need to deal with the retarded AI of your creatures (who indeed have strong suicidal tendencies) as well as really using the power of boulder traps. In Belbata you need to abuse white, and then bullrush blue in the first 5 minutes and then pretty much play the map clean. In Netzaro... Well, let me say that it's easy to fuckup that one.

    Basically I'm asking for people to run with. I have some vain belief that maybe and active speed running community could make the general community for this (these) fantastic games grow!
    So far, I've posted here and on reddit, and I also created a (very poor) subreddit on reddit under the flag

    Please come join, it's an amazing game to run and to be fair, it's one of the best games to play. Period.

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    I've never done any speedrunning, it completely changes the game(almost any game) you're playing and in general that takes away the fun part for me. DK is a game with so many exploits, if you want to speedrun it, you've got to abuse those things. You already mention hearth-sniping, something that is possible on many maps but it is basically just skipping the map since I would get no enjoyment from that.

    But beyond that, it forces you to play the same map over and over again to get faster and better and I don't like repeating myself.

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    I see what you're saying. I played it like that always so for me it was really nice to get a challenge to complete the maps as fast and innovative as possible. If you already didn't check out the already made runs; maybe it isn't something for you to run it, but rather you'd enjoy watching it? I think that if you still like original play you could check out the last map of the campaign with "zoonel". It's a nice mix of speed, exploit and actual normal game.

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    I'm keen, I think that a nice way to start would be to compete for timings on one map in deeper dungeons, what do you think?

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    Nice! Yes absolutely, those maps qualify very well for competing. Mordarkar or Korros-Tor for instance is a little bit like the original Super Mario. Quite "easy" but the details will decide who's the fastest. I think Dixaroc is more of a good choice, to actually still get the DK experience to it. I haven't mapped out good runs on all DD maps, I'm currently trying Belbata but it's extremely difficult. The map is basically made not to be run...

    EDIT: Belbata, not Belial...
    EDIT2: My run on Caddis Fell (
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