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Thread: New Campaign: Dante’s Purgatorio

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    Default New Campaign: Dante’s Purgatorio

    New Campaign: Dante’s Purgatorio.

    It is a 20 level campaign, no secret or moon levels.

    The difficulty in this campaign is challenging in some of the levels and some are rather easy depending on the creatures you have versus the creatures you go up against.

    Some things in the creatures move pool have been changed, all creatures have new stats.
    There are changes to the research – workshop and training levels.
    Most of the traps have some changes, like in the number of shots, and the time between shots.
    The health of the doors is increased.
    There are also changes to the lair enemies.

    All changes are listed in the dungeon keeper.xlsx file within the zip file.

    Now for the Levels:

    Most maps are keeper vs Hero's, there are 2 maps which has a rival keeper who will probably die very soon!

    Non of the maps are made by me, they are the original maps from Dungeon Keeper and dungeon Keeper Gold.
    I made some minor changes to the maps, removed some unwanted rooms. And changed the spawning party’s within the map.

    Each map you will face the dungeon Keeper version or close resemblance to one of the 7 sins.


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    i love when i get a new campaign especially when some effort was put in to it as it seems from the first level

    1.sacrifice IN the temple,perfect.i lost when i slapped them in lava, i wonder how you menaged to create the level like this,it knows where exactly i kill them lol.imp pathing was challenging.pretty good overall

    2.didnt enjoy tbh,make money => spam heal guess not my type of play,also i didnt see lava trap in time so there was a lot of save-loads to be able to let imp outside of fortified walls by making him walk inbetween crossing non fortified walls (door health modification starting to make me upset i add frames when i encounter doors,monk fetish seems ok tho)

    3.cheated on this because abusing their wind and using disease is not enough,workshop is useless so is training room or maybe im missing something,thought about putting guardpost to the lava place and trap them however i had to dig according to that to make them come from one line instead of everywhere and narrator told me to follow the path between impenetrable rocks at east so that was not an option.possesed imp can dig unclaimed fortifed walls so destroy walls was not nescessary for claiming the portal.Anyways,its possible by possessing the monks and attacking eachother to gain levels up to 6-7 to have a 17 man decent army but that would probably take 8 hours lol a massive treasure room get enough gold to spam lightning to bile demons rush reveal map for comfort,didnt enjoy

    after level 6 i decided not to complete this campaign there is either something im not aware of(which i doubt) or you dont know you made the monks untrainable
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    Default Re: New Campaign: Dante’s Purgatorio

    I've played most of the first level. It takes a bit getting used to the completely different creatures, but so far, not bad. I would have preferred it you would have used weaker doors so I wouldn't have to keep waiting for the slow monks to take them down. There are quite a few typo's in the objectives, but clearly you're Dutch so we all forgive you for that.
    What I did dislike is that when I destroyed the white dungeon hearth nothing happened, looking at the script file I find out I now have to kill all the heroes I passed, so many defenseless dragons I've got to kill very slowly with my 3 monks. I'll finish that later.

    I also had some trouble with finding the action point that got me the possess spell. I suddenly got it, and don't know why. I was trying to complete that 'maze' without possess and that was rather tedious.

    A few hints more hints on improving this first level:
    - I think you can find a way to make it impossible to go west before going north, so you don't have to use messages to tell people what is and isn't 'allowed'.
    - On most information messages you put the eye on 'player0' where there are better locations you can zoom to. Or use all_players to not have a zoom if you don't have anything useful to show.
    - You tell me it is safe to go west before I find the increase level specials up north. You could also put an action point inside that room to see if I've been there before you tell me I'm safe.

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    Default Re: New Campaign: Dante’s Purgatorio

    hello Edwin. Can you upload any thumbnails of your maps? This sounds an interesting campaign.

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