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Thread: How To: get work with SDL2?

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    Default How To: get work with SDL2?

    Hi keepers, I've just a simple question: How to get work KeeperFX with SDL2? It doesn't use it at all. Where can I find the SDL2 using binaries from mefistotelis created?
    I see the latest 'devel' builds are the last ones with SDL2, right?

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    You don't actually want to use that latest development build. It was branched off and most of the finished/working features where recreated in the 'stable' build, with additional features added. The latest nightly of the stable build however is also bugged to become completely unusable. I listed which versions are still workable and why here.
    If you do want to mess around with the development build, the required files are attached here.

    But beyond that version, SDL2 isn't used by KeeperFX.
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