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Thread: Invincible Dungeon Heart

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    Default Invincible Dungeon Heart

    An Invincible Dungeon Heart, you say? As nice as it sounds, I'll never be needing one.

    Save file attached here [] for those who feel the need to experience true power. You'll need KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.6 to load it.

    How did this happen? I frame-skipped big time at the start of Netzcaro to see if and where any tunneller parties would spawn. I then let them in for a bit of fun before I would lose and restart - and got a lot more fun than I was expecting. I might have a go at playing the map like this...

    Also, before anyone asks, despite always having "-packetsave packet.dat" in the shortcut's target, the packet file's "date modified" is from long before this occurred (in other words: it did not save).

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    Default Re: Invincible Dungeon Heart

    Have not seen this glitch before.
    I removed all the gold, killed all the heroes, and still couldn't hit the hearth even with my own creatures.

    Looking at the log file,... the hearth was removed by the game to prevent a crash, related to this bug.

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