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Thread: commenting keepcompp.cfg

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    What have you considered with the Check for Neutral Places? So, appearently the values/params aren't time, so they must be dependent on other metrics. Like distance to the neutral place, dungeon properties, or properties/content of the neutral place.

    Here, try this testmap:
    I've got different types of stuff to dig to, and it digs to the white room over the neutral room consistently.

    Running more simulations, it seems to dig to the other rooms as well. Don't know if I see a difference or not when using NeutPlc4 over NeutPlc1.
    I think I don't. Here, with this map there's no random building:
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    In keepcompp.cfg, do you guys know if there is a reason there is no process for building all rooms 5x5? I suppose it is typically just not necessary? Also I'm just curious about some of the default room sizes. Were these just determined to be the best defaults, taking cost and typical requirements into account? I know there are multiple room sizes (some 4x4s) for some rooms but these are some of the defaults:

    3x4 prison, torture, barracks,
    4x5 graveyard,
    6x5 hatchery
    5x6 training
    6x6 workshop

    The reason I ask is because I'm thinking about the issues with room spacing and wasted terrain, and symmetrical rooms might be the easy workaround fix. I'm actually going to eventually see if I can work actual room dimensions into the AI considerations so that room spacing is perfect even with any room shape/dimension, but temporarily, I'm just curious about these defaults. I'm sure they're just the ideal values for cost/needs.

    Also is there away for me to append/edit comments in a way that will send off a new notification to thread followers, or is a new comment like this necessary?
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    Generally it is frowned upon to double post. Personally I don't care too much because it's so crowded here that people can't follow discussions anymore because of all the double posts. As a rule of thumb, in 4 minutes you can expect people to not have read your original post anyway, so you can just edit. If you have some new info after 4 months you have to kick the topic or nobody will read your edit. Use your own judgement on where the line is in between. And no, there's no notification on editing posts.

    On topic, I think the main reason is the aesthetics.
    But, also, this file hasn't been updated in years, and there have been quite a few changes to KeeperFX since then. For one thing, creature assignment used to take into account much more than today how much capacity a room had. So if you give the keeper a huge barracks and a small training room where all his creatures would still fit, the CP would still decide to put loads of creatures into the barracks and fewer int he training room so both had roughly the same percentage filled. This is now fixed, if you want to read more about creature assignment, read here.
    Beyond that, the useless rooms of course don't need to be large, since they are expensive and not used anyway. All just large enough to attract the creatures.

    Workshop actually needs to be 6x6, and reinforced with a door, in order to be able to build all traps and doors. It's both the room efficiency and what traps and doors are already build that determine what will be build next.
    Graveyard is probably 20 tiles so that you get exactly 2 vampires after a big fight.
    A 6x5 hatchery is generally enough to feed a whole dungeon.

    A build everything 5x5 is indeed pointless, since that would leave you with a functioning keeper, you could just use the regular processes. The build3x3 and build4x4 are meant to handicap the computer in the early campaign levels.

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