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    Hey Keeper Klan forum,

    I'm Asaeis, I had an account here which I posted with very briefly around 8+ years or so ago (though I don't remember the account name or credentials).

    Dungeon Keeper 95 was perhaps my very first PC game back in the mid 90's, and even though I could say that DK is not my main game (Unreal is) I still love the game despite its age, and am very keen to pick it up every now and then.

    Right now I've been replaying Dungeon Keeper 2, and even gotten my feet wet with the DKII Level Editor (pro). I'm actually mildly interested in knowing if there is a way to add new assets to the game (such as textures, skins, models, sounds etc), and what formats in regard to these assets that Dungeon Keeper 2 uses.

    Though this thread was actually meant to be an introduction thread before it deviated. So pleased to meet you, and how are you all?

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    I'm sorry to rain on your parade but the only thing you can edit other than levels in DK2 are:

    - graphics in the EngineTextures and Frontend wad files (use DK2WADTool)
    - text strings (use strtool)
    - sounds (use MasStudio)

    Everything else requires some level of reverse engineering to crack them open.

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