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Thread: KeeperFX bugs & improvements

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    Default KeeperFX bugs & improvements

    just a few questions:

    Why there is no way to change certain things via the cfg files?

    Like assign specific model to any shot.
    Change a way how shots interact with other things: if they explode, bounce, slide or just disappear.
    What effect appears after explosion etc...

    Also make it possible for any shot to be navigable.

    And there are also some flaws, like the Fore bomb doesn't do area damage.
    WoP seems to get "area damage" information only from "SHOT_TRAP_WORD_OF_POWER" not from "SHOT_WORD_OF_POWER" which is quite wrong imho.
    And as I see the code, some unfunctional things like "PushOnHit" for shots could be easily fixed.

    So, the question is: Is it worth fixing those problems? And improving the code to give more options for modders via cfg files?
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    Well, there's already lots more that can be configured in KeeperFX than that was possible in the original game. And occasionally Mefisto moved more stuff to the configs, so I guess the answer is: 'because it's not finished'.

    And only you can determine if something is worth fixing for you, there are still people playing the game. The Unofficial fork I made still got downloaded about 5000 times, so people will get to play further improvements made to the game. Development to KeeperFX has stopped, but recently Spartahawk has decided that he wants to help further develop KeeperFX, so he has been working on the Unofficial branch. If you want to help, you'd be most welcome, shoot me a PM.

    Edit - I believe the firebomb does actually do area damage when it explodes against a wall.
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