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I've uploaded a new version: Alpha 1977.

What's new:

  • A slight increase in research time of the hand powers. On the majority of maps that means no change. On some rare maps where you've got to research the ability to slap or pick up, it now takes a few seconds to research, instead of being done instantly.
  • Fixed creatures with critical health being affected by Call to Arms. Before this fix if units returned to the lair/hatchery during CTA they would refuse to eat/sleep and would die from hunger. Now they will actually eat and sleep.
  • Implemented a fear system:
    - Creatures have a FearStronger property that decides when they run away from creatures that do x time more melee damage and have more health then they do. (Having allies helps, the enemy having allies makes it worse)
    - Creatures have a FearsomeFactor property that makes the unit appear to do X times as much melee damage when doing fear calculations. Compensates for units with useful spells and abilities to offset their low health and melee damage. (E.g. Spellcasters)
    - The old FearStronger calculation would do a 'luck role' which doubles damage and thus fear factor. My calculation averages out the chance for double damage instead.
    - Removed all traces of the KeeperFX 'official' fear-no-flee factor.

The fear system is a big change, and I would love to hear feedback about this. In the first version of KeeperFX Unofficial I removed the KeeperFX fear system because it had a nonsensical toggle and made spell casters too afraid to even fight. However, some people still longed for a system where units would not run into their death on the other side of the map. (like flies or hell hounds). That's in now in. I had to said initial values for each creature, but it's possible that some units are to scared or too fearsome. So let me know if you run into this and I can tweak the values.
The CTA change is also scary, if units misbehave during CTA be sure to let me know. Better yet, make a save of it and share it.

On an unrelated not, I created a wiki page to show new KeeperFX controls: https://github.com/Loobinex/keeperfx...-Game-Commands
Yeah you say you've removed the fear-no-flee factor. This was still in some of my crtrs files, hence they were coming up in the warning.
It doesn't really matter, it works now, and my log no longer shows the same warning about creature attributes.

Thanks for your input