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    Hey guys! I've been browsing the web and found a website that contains all the SFX by the DK1 Narrator through-out the game and I've been finding it.. perplexing. There's a bunch of ones in there I've literally never heard before like something about creatures developing a love for chocolate, two quotes about the avatar, a quote about pants, I've literally never heard these before. How am I able to access these sounds in the game? Here's a link to the site by the way ->

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    A lot of the game's audio was not used in the final release, and there's no easy way of accessing them "in the game." You can access most Dungeon Keeper assets here, and all sounds here.

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    Actually, there's one way to access those sounds in KeeperFX and that is through maps with the PLAY_MESSAGE command. That command can be used to play every speech or sound effect.

    You can also directly play the sound files from your dungeon keeper/keeperfx directory/cd by using the sound tool from dk tools.

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