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Thread: Few Questions about KeeperFX

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    Bile demons are so worth it. Sure, they don't train that fast, and require quite a bit of lair and food, but they are really, really strong. Even a bunch of medium level bile demons can do quite some damage. The only units they team-kill are units not worth having around anyway, trolls and insects won't matter much in your army when you've got bile demons. Undead units are immune to their gas, ranged units should not be harmed by the gas, and Dragons have enough HP for the gas to not matter much. In the early levels, when you've got weak units around your biles, simply enable 'flee'(the icon next to imprison).

    And perhaps it's not your age, but you've become better at keeping your units in the training room. Training costs will drain your gold the quickest, and salaries of highly trained units also add up. Don't worry though, all campaign maps can easily be defeated with the units you've got trained up by the time your gold runs out.

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    Yeah that's probably it. I'm finding that once I've mined all the gold available, taking people off training with like 10k/15k to spare and going out and doing some exploring usually pays off and I'm the right level.

    Quick creature tiering list. Is this about right?

    Top Tier:

    – Mistress
    – Bile Demon
    – Horned Reaper (If you've got gems)
    – Dragon
    – Vampire
    – Orc

    Mid Tier

    – Warlock
    – Spider
    – Skeleton

    Low Tier

    – Everything else?

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    The reaper is the strongest creature by far of course, but expensive to train and maintain.
    Mistresses and Bile Demons are the best regular units to have. Cheap, extremely powerful in fights, easy to manage. I think this will round the top tier.

    Vampires and Dragons are strong units, but they are both quite expensive, tanky, but low on damage.
    The Orc is a very easy to manage unit, but far weaker than the others so far. The Hell Hound and Tentacle are a bit weaker still, but I'm still willing to add them to mid tier since they have their uses and are quite a bit more powerful than the units in low tier.

    Warlocks and Skeletons are ok I guess, but I'd still toss them if you've not reached the portal limit. Demon Spawn, are really just early game units, Trolls just worth it for the temple or if you somehow need them in the workshop and ghosts and insects are pretty much useless. They'd all go in the low tier.

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    Please forgive Mark, he's old and doesn't understand how tier lists work. Let me translate for you;

    Horned Reaper

    Bile Demon


    Hell Hound


    Demon Spawn

    Personally think Mark is WRONG about Spiders being bad. They make great support units.

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    Against what? Against anything that doesn't do ranged damage, area damage, rebound or kill them in a single hit? Sure, you could micromanage one of them as a mobile freeze-spell dispenser, but then take the tentacle, that has some pretty decent damage output and can takes some damage as well.

    And trolls belong right there with the demon spawn and spiders at the bottom.
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