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    Ancient Keeper

    1) Save The Heroes is still missing the green dungeon heart
    2) Recent balance patches have made certain missions (Sloth, Dragonia, Antak's Ruin and L'cyfre's challenge) outright impossible

    1) The script formatting has all but disappeared, reducing code to basic lines across notepad that are impossible to read.
    or that is the question

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    Which version are you using?
    I looked at the first few levels of both the latest official and unofficial branches, and there the level scripts still have their formatting. Also, ancient keeper uses custom configs, so balance changes should have no effect. What changes do you mean, and how do they make those missions impossible?

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    Sloth - Try taking on 12 knights with 12 Orcs or 12 Reapers with an Avatar

    Dragonia - The Dragons are impossible to scavenge and their scavengers are far more efficient. Seriosuly, a group of Level ten dragons are unable to take any of their creatures, while they just pop in a level two and Voila!

    Antak's Ruin - Word of Power is near useless for scattering the heroes

    L'cyfre's challenge - Try taking on a reaper with a Samurai. Go on, I fucking dare you.
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    or that is the question

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    I'll look into scavenging effectiveness, if there's something wrong there. EDIT-> I made a testmap and can scavenge dragons, but I indeed see that the computer player is better at scavenging all things being equal.

    And how does WoP behave differently from the original game?

    I've never played much of ancient keeper. Do you have some suggestions on what to change for those other levels, because sure, I can imagine that even with the modified configs those odds don't look well for the player.
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