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Thread: I bought the game on origin

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    Default I bought the game on origin

    Hi all ! First of all, i'm a french canadien so i'm sry about my english but I hope you guys will be able ton understand me and help me with my problem.
    I bought Dungeon Keeper on Origin since it was 5$ only and it would be easy to play on windows 10. My problem : is there a way to improve the graphic ? I saw some video and people have better graphic.

    Thanks all for the help.

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    Are you playing KeeperFX or Dungeon Keeper?

    In any case, when in game, press Alt+R, does that help?

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    Yes ! thank you so much ! Second thing, do you think I can install the keeperFx even if i bought the game on origin ? I can't believe there's a community of this game. I played this game when I was 12 years old !

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    I think so yes, but I don't know what the origin release looks like.

    Simply put, to run KeeperFX, you download and extract the KeeperFX archive, and place a few files from the original game into that folder and the game will run. When you 'install' the game with the launcher, all it does is copy those files for you.
    The files are not included with KeeperFX for copyright reasons, but they are required in all versions of Dungeon Keeper, so they should be accessible somehow for origin as well. See here which files you require.

    And yes, a large part of the 'community' is people who played this game twenty years ago and occasionally come back to it.

    EDIT: To install KeeperFX with the origin release, point the Launcher not towards the 'Dungeon Keeper' folder, but the 'data' folder inside it.
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