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Thread: Temple Deal (2018)

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    I think all of the FX creature recipes were removed long time ago because you could cook up any creature. That's why the dragon orc hound wasn't working, but the map assumed this from the beginning so it was not broken.

    As for the temple trapping I don't rember. I think I was aware of the fact you could reduce the difficulty and kept this for players as a 'reward'.
    I've seen almost all of your 3 hour gameplay and must say on the second thought I would at least put an unclaimable tile to the south, close to the water. Using wind spell is one thing but with the water a player could just possess a creature and lead the heroes into the water - they would gladly follow - it's not lava.

    Anyway congrats and good job. Yes it was tempting to use heroes to defeat blue but you got almost nothing out of it. He had all 3 of the creatures needed for the temple recipe - that's why the map is called temple deal. You figured out too late but still managed to finish it

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    Had a bit of a brainfart on luring the creatures into water

    Thanks for the fun map, it seems there's quite a few ways to play this one ! So would recommend people to give this one a try.

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