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    Default General / Overlord

    Note: both the Keeper and the Heroes have access to this unit, they just have different names and graphics.
    Note 2: I am fully aware that this is similar to Metal Gear Rex's Maiden. Please don't start bashing this or the other idea becuase they are similar.
    Note 3: This is mostly a campaign-only unit, although it can be used in other modes of gameplay.
    Note 4: I don't know if this unit fits in with Dungeon Keeper type gameplay, or is balanced enough to fit in.

    Hero Name: General
    Keeper Name: Overlord


    Health: Very High
    Attack: Moderate-High
    Defense: High
    Armour: High
    Accuracy: Moderate
    Speed: Moderate-Low
    Dexterity: Moderate-Low
    Intelligence: High
    Wage: Very High


    Important Note: Due to the extensive training required by this unit, they require five times the amount of experience a normal unit requires for a level.
    Skirmish Note: When playing a non-campaign map, this unit requies only triple experience.

    Level 1: Melee
    Level 1: Leadership (Increases nearby unit combat effectiveness by 1% per level. Does not stack.)
    Level 4 (20/12): Inspiration (Increases nearby unit non-combat effectiveness by 1% per level past 4. Does not stack.)
    Level 4 (20/12): Loyalty (Allows this unit to transfer himself / herself to the next battle, or transfer two other units of lower level in his / her place. This does not interfere with Transfer Creature specials)
    Level 7 (35/21): Command (Acts as a mini banner for your creatures to follow when active. Your main banner has greater priority over this unit.)
    Level 10 (50/30): Final Orders (Gives the final orders to this unit, making this unit and all units following it unselectable. All Stats are tripled, and all units head straight for the objective. Once done, this unit leaves your cause.

    Special: Direct (The player using this unit can click on this unit and direct it where to do like in normal RTS games. Double clicking will pick the unit up.)

    Throughout the wars, several soldiers emerged as being leaders on the frontlines. These leaders became known as Generals or Overlords. Generally humaniod, these units are extremely fearsome when leading an army. Having one of them in your army can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

    Purpose: Inspire other units in battle as well as at home. (As well as establishing a possible bond with the player, as they keep the same name when transfered.)

    Behavior in Dungeon:
    These units generally train, but can also oversee other operations, increasing their effectiveness when of appropiate level. If angered, he / she will lead a riot straight for your lifeline.

    -Oversee Training
    -Oversee Manufacturing
    -Oversee Research
    -Oversee Mining Operations
    -Oversee Interrogations (Torture)

    Behavior in OverWorld: Generally only seen in the most important areas, most Lords / Ladies of the Land or Keepers have never even seen one of these units.

    Campaign Obtained: Special side objectives.
    Skirmish Obtained: Having every buildable room at least 5x5.

    Style: Support

    Hang Out Group: Rarely idle, but if they are, they are commonly seen in Dungeon Hearts or the hero equivilent of one.

    Hates / Loves: Unknown, each one seems to have it's own preference. (Hate / Love have nothing to do with gameplay of this unit)

    Lair: A mini-sleeping quarters, takes up 2x2 space of Lair.

    Appearance: A male and female appearence for both factions. They should look extremely heroic or chaotic and wear plate-like armor.

    How Introduced: Hero and Creature

    Campaign Attracted: None
    Skirmish Attracted: 5x5 of every buildable room

    Torture: A total of 4 forms of torture, one for each model.
    Keeper Male: Slice (Large blade looms every closer to the victim)
    Keeper Female: Molten Armor (Heats armor to extremely high temperatures)
    Hero Male: Flatten (Board with rocks placed on it, adding weight)
    Hero Female: Constriction (Slowly squeezed to death)

    ...Too lazy to place a picture currently...

    Comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism welcomed.

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    Default Re: General / Overlord

    Anyone want to post relevant stuff here? Hello?

    Otherwise I'm gonna be posting it as scrapped at this rate.

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    Default Re: General / Overlord

    I don't like the idea. The General and the Overlord roles are already semi-filled by the Lord of the Land and Horned Reaper, respectively.

    The Awakening

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    Default Re: General / Overlord

    Same here, don't really like it

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    Default Re: General / Overlord

    Quote Originally Posted by Mothrayas View Post
    I don't like the idea. The General and the Overlord roles are already semi-filled by the Lord of the Land and Horned Reaper, respectively.
    When does the Horned Reaper oversee anything?

    Quote Originally Posted by natchoguy View Post
    Same here, don't really like it
    And your reason?

    Really though, a Campaign only unit wouldn't be so bad, just as they are weaker than a Horned Reaper.

    Then again, I can't see a Giant Spider, Horned Reapers, Dragons, ect. obeying a human in huge-ass armour..

    I say, make them Heroes, and when converted, they turn into a Overlord.

    And maybe tone the skill's powers down a bit.
    Last edited by Evi; January 19th, 2010 at 23:34.

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    Default Re: General / Overlord

    Looks like the idea is not favorable among the few that posted.

    Sending it off the Scrapped then...

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