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Thread: Discord for Playing Dk2 online multiplayer 2018

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    Default Discord for Playing Dk2 online multiplayer 2018

    Hello Keepers!

    I played my first online Dungeon keeper 2 game around 2013 and today in 2018 we have better potential on finding games/matches online easier than ever, I was and still am playing through a program called Game Ranger but finding matches with 4 players is tough. Therefor I have created a Discord channel for everyone that wants to play/experience Dungeon Keeper 2 online. It is a very old game but it's possible to play it stable/balanced. I've setup some rules and inforamtion but I'm far from done =).

    I like creating maps and enjoying trying new ones, so I am planning on expanding a bit on this part aswell, feel free to join and I'll see you there!

    Here is a link to the discord channel:

    Friendly Regards

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    Default Re: Discord for Playing Dk2 online multiplayer 2018

    There's a lot more people on the Keeperklan Discord these days, and there's multiplayer there too:

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