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Thread: Inroducing the Dungeon Keeper 1 "No Portal Challange"

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    Default Inroducing the Dungeon Keeper 1 "No Portal Challange"

    Hello, my friends,
    I'm playing Dungeon Keeper since it's release and I wanted to add a new challenge to the original game.
    Beating the game without attracting a single creature with a portal.

    The Rules are simple.
    Things which are not allowed are:

    1: Attracting creatures through portals
    2: Transfer Creature Specials

    I kind of mastered this challenge a few years ago but only with some compromises. So now I'm trying a complete "clean run"

    In some levels, you will start with a Portal or it is way to hard to prevent the Imps from capturing one.
    In this case, I edit the "map0000X.config" file in the level folder and change MAX_CREATURES(PLAYER0,Y) to MAX_CREATURES(PLAYER0,0) [X is the Level Number and Y is the maximum creature count]

    The first levels have triggers which are connected to the portal (or with creatures coming out of this portals) so you have to capture it. (I will try to edit the config files to handle this problem)

    If I have the Time I will make a "No Portal Campagne" for Keeper fx. editing the config files a bit.

    Level 20 is a challenge but totally possible without a portal.

    If you are interested in my strategies just ask me and I will post them in this thread.

    Greetings from Germany

    Edit: Level 7 beaten

    Click image for larger version. 

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