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Thread: What are your Dungeon Keeper stories?

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    Default What are your Dungeon Keeper stories?

    One of the things I love about this game is that a lot of random things can happen during gameplay. No 1 level can be played the same way twice. This largely to do with the fact that your creatures are never fully under control plus the great AI. This can lead to some great (and sometimes funny) stories. There's a thread where someone mentioned how an AI Keeper had turned nearly all of its creatures into chickens by mistake, which inspires me to share one of my own:

    So I was playing Tickle (lv8 original campaign). I was having a crappy time trying to keep the enemy Keeper off my borders. Every time I tried to invade the enemy's Dungeon I got my ass kicked. All of a sudden out of nowhere I found that one of my lv9 orcs had somehow breached the Dungeon and was fighting his way towards the Heart! I only found out about it from the fighting creatures alert. It fought past EVERY enemy it encountered, found the Heart, hammered the fuck out of it until it explored. And throughout the whole thing he had just ONE strip of health left. He was like a purple Rambo.

    It was the most unexpected win ever. I wish I could give that guy a medal.

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    Default Re: What are your Dungeon Keeper stories?

    That sounds like one epic showdown!

    I have one short story to share about the game mechanics in one uncommon but hilarious instance.

    My friend was playing Dungeon Keeper, with me observing and giving advise/tips. He engaged the enemy, in the insuring chaos a Wind spell was used. So everyone is blown away into a corner.... and then they were suddenly on the other side of the wall. This can happen when there is no wall for a diagonal block.

    And then his army was crushed by boulder traps that were positioned there.

    My friend looked at me, stared back at the screen and then back to me with a face: "what just happened?"

    Try explaining that with a straight face.
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    Default Re: What are your Dungeon Keeper stories?

    I remember back in the days when I was not so good at gameplay as a youngster I´ve read some tips about changing the cfg files. So I changed the sell values to absurd high numbers for a lot of gold.
    Then I edited the Horny cfg to Avatar stats. But somehow I made a strange mistake I was not able to reproduce later: Horny was nearly invincible because he never got hit by melee attacks!
    Strange. Might also be possible that ranged attacks did no damage except for lightning and drain. However the enemy keeper spells were indead doing damage. Still, I wonder until today what I changed in the cfg to make this occur.
    I once also managed to ruin the monks, they were not able to move or fight/shoot .

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    Default Re: What are your Dungeon Keeper stories?

    Something I like about DK is the special bond you make with your creatures.

    I always liked skeletons a lot. They are fast, train hard, they are always happy, they don't ask that much on paydays.

    I remember a lot of levels I just drop my creatures to the prison in order to have a skeleton army.

    Also, the trap game is something very exciting. I spent hours making the perfect trap corridor full of boulders. Really enjoy seeing them work properly. Hated when they end up killing my own army, Happened a lot.

    What a marvelous game.

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