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Thread: A Minor KeeperFX problem recently!

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    Exclamation A Minor KeeperFX problem recently!

    Ok so I do play other games on this pc and one of them being World of Warcraft and the recent expansion required me to update my display driver due to graphical bugs. My Pc has an AMD card so the best driver to choose was the AMD Radeon Driver which I installed and got wow working. Other games I had running alongside WoW on my pc is working fine....except Keeper FX.... It runs sure and I can play but the problem is when my mouse is at the bottom of the screen and im trying to move it around or do stuff within the game the mouse glitches around kinda jumping round. I think the same occurs to anything that moves somewhere on the bottom of the screen they just glitch round and jump about. This appears to be a Display problem and ive tried a number of workaround like compatability mode or Run the program with a resoulution setting but none solved the problem. Any Ideas? This is the only game thats not functioning the way its used to.

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    Compatibility mode should not be required.

    Have you tried the -altinput command line option?

    And have you tried playing in in windowed mode? What happens then?

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    Altinput mode unfortuantly didnt work as the mouse still glitches at the bottom of the screen and windowed mode is a complete disaster as soon as i move the mouse it dissapears even outside the game window. Had to close the game taskmanager way.

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    Ok, so no altinput.

    So please try windowed mode and tell me what happens then. In keeperfx.cfg set 'INGAME_RES=640x480w32' or something (so long as the w stays a w and not an x). While ingame (not the menu, an actual level) press Alt+R to switch to your resolution.

    And what's your windows version by the way?
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    already mentioned windowed mode and the config colour settings are as you mentioned already and changing the colour setting doesnt do anything.

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    OK Yeah, but did you use the windowed mode with or without altinput or both? And do both fail like that?

    Do you happen to have windows 8 installed, if so you can google keeperfx windows 8.1 mouse fix.

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