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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    I'm not gonna make this my blog haha, but yes
    I'll show some screenshots:

    The entire intro sequence works, video and audio plays, main menu is assembled, level selection screen works, and I'm now working on getting level one loaded in and creating all the tiles and stuff

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Great! Keep up the good work.

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    So, what's new?

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Still working on it, Pathfinding is gonna be the next task, then I can get some creatures in.

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Great progress!

    So soon we'll have a playable version

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Pathfinding is in, quickly added the ability to mark tiles..

    Imps will be the first creatures to come soon

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Excellent. Will you be using some AI lib or will you write your own?

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    I'm writing my own, I did use Micropather for pathfinding though (couldn't be bothered to write a A* thing)

    Also to add in, if anyone wants to test my current build (and see how far I am)
    I recently been tweaking the imp tasks stuff a bit and a lot is still on dev-speeds rather than real speeds in order to test things:
    Just place this .exe in your Dungeon Keeper folder (it does not change ANY files) and you can run it.
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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Crashes to desktop for me. After the first splash screen. Nothing interesting in the log file.

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Neat... "after" the first splash screen? so you did get to see something?, Also can you send the log output and tell me your system specs (OS, CPU/GPU) ? (And the game version? GOG, raw ISO? Gold/Non Gold?)
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