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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    To answer your questions I ran the game again to get a fresh log, and for whatever reason now it does start. Earlier I tried 3 times and every time I crashed back, indeed after the first splash screen, so before the movie starts to play. So nevermind I guess.

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    that is very weird and definitely should not happen.. the fact that it's failing to run before the movie might indicate its something to do with sound, I'm currently working on that bit so hoping it fixes itself.

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Any progress?

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    You can see the progress for yourself by clicking here:

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    I don't keep it as updates as I should though haha, I use Perforce as my main, github is mostly for public access.

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    Thought I'd add in some things I have been working on:

    Imp's tasks are a bit more stable now, still not entirely original behaviour but that'll come..
    I've read in the creature.txt file for all the game settings and been applying a few of those, like mining takes time now (should take the same amount as the actual game) except for fortifying walls which is using a wrong value atm but again that'll be fixed..

    I'm also gonna start on building some actual rooms soon, and after that creatures!
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