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    Default LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files


    I'm currently recreating Dungeon Keeper from scratch ( ) and I have nearly every file loaded so far, intro is playing well, I got the creature sprites and nearly everything I need.
    Now I'm almost finished with the main menu, however I lack the border from the level select screen.

    Chances are very high that this is the DKWND00.dat inside the ldata folder, however the structure of this file is completely unknown to me, nor do any sources (or KeeperFX) even mention the file. Rendering DKWND17.RAW which comes with the game however results in a proper border. Though I'd honestly rather load the "real" files since they do have differing data among them.

    I was wondering if anyone has (or can find) some info about these files as how they're build up.

    So far it seems the files start with a bunch of 4-byte offsets, though it seems unlikely they're for the same file, and these seem the same for every other DKWND file. after so many bytes the structure changes completely. I've tried rendering it out using an offset and the sprites logic with the bytes including the number of alpha pixels, but this results in nonsense.

    Can anyone light any info on these files?

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    I have figured out the format myself.

    Seems the offsets it starts with all point to a single line of pixels, that line of pixels is then encoded in the following way:
    The first 4 bytes tell how many opaque pixels will follow, then every byte following those 4 are individual indices that refer to the palette file from DKMAPXX.PAL, then follows 4 bytes which tells the amount of transparent pixels that come after this (these have no indices as they are completely transparent). Repeat until you reach the next offset in the table.

    The resolution of the resulting file will be 960x720

    Code: (scrolling speed is a bit low but I'll fix that later)
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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Good stuff

    Check this (if you don't know it yet):

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Yep I know about it, however its lacking quite some files, also a bunch of links don't work anymore which potentially had some neat info.

    I've got most of the assets of the game implented now, currently doing the level select screen and starting to load in the actual levels.

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    How will you handle the level geometry? Will you model some terrain models or will you generate them?

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    I do everything directly from the official files, I intend to only have a single .exe which you paste into the game folder.

    So I will load the level geometry from the actual files.

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    So the terrain tiles are stored as actual meshes in some file?

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    You already figured it out, but you could have found some useful documentation on this here:

    Good luck on your project.

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Haven't found the actual meshes yet, will need to do some more searching but I believe they're generated instead of loaded as a file.
    Terrain is stored as several files that work together, some describing a tile, some subtiles, a tile is made out of 9 smaller blocks and potentially going up 8 blocks (for each subtile)

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    Default Re: LDATA\DKWNDXX.DAT files

    Any progress?

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