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Thread: State of the Game News Update - 08/10/2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metal Gear Rex View Post
    Fixed it.
    Thanks a bunch!

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    Perhaps in the top left of the screen, add a little box that says that for example you have 5 out of a maximum 32 units? And if you can get more units, that '32' turns into a '40' or something.
    Kinda like this:
    That's not really what i mean, that is already the case as you can see because the picture you present is an unedited screenshot from our current build. I mean, how do you communicate to the player that this number can go up, but only to a certain point, if the method of it going up is technically unlimited (only limited by space available), that being the size of your dungeon. It's not intuitive. If it's a research, then you know, oh okay, it goes up to this much and when the research is all spent, you know thats the end and no more. If it'sa point on the map or soemthing you control you're like, okay thats tangible, there may be more, there may not be, but there's a visible and understandable end to it. If it's the size of your dungeon its like, okay so i can keep building and it's all up to me. Oh but there's an actual cap? Where did that come from, i thought it was based on what/how i built. Not to mention that if this is the case, people will immediately jsut try to dig out as much space as possible, without regarding actual defensive building or any dungeon design.
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    Default Re: State of the Game News Upadte - 08/10/2018

    I understand, it's nice to have an in-game explanation for the hard unit cap, and make it clear for people how to raise the soft cap. But even without it, people tend to understand just fine, games have had hard caps since forever and gamers are used to it. If you can't implement a pretty solution just yet, simply changing to color of the unit cap will communicate to people that they've reached the hard cap just fine.

    And I understand there are lots of possibilities here, and you want some playtesting to see which you like the most. That's why I assumed it would be high on the list to test as a central mechanic, but you apparently focus on other mechanics more than this.

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