Hey all,

So YourMaster is half right here, after I turned it in I passed my final semester and graduated, however shortly after that I found myself a job porting games and have been pretty much too busy ever since, I haven't done much hobby programming at all since then, even though I'd still like to continue this (and other projects) at some time, last change I did in DK:R was adding support for lights but that was half-finished. Regardless.. due to the rush DK:R was made in (and the shitload of work I had to do in 6 months) the code sadly didn't really reach a good quality level so if anything I'd probably rewrite it from scratch (better).

Dungeon Keeper remains one of my all time favorite games so I'm partly saddened I can't currently continue working on this but besides a full day job and me still wanting to relax it's just not getting done for now..
Maybe at some point in the future.. but I won't promise anything..