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    I am completely new to this message board thing so i apologize now

    I don't know if a thread has been started for this, if there is i can not find it. i keep running into a crash mid-game this is the line that pops up in the keeperfx.log (not sure if this is used for crash report)

    it happened in level 18 and now and level 19 or the original campaign. ill attach the file. thank you for the help, if its available!


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    I looked at your log file, and it's the pathfinding bug. The game can't handle complex maps, and you might at first notice slowdowns or units refusing to move towards stuff before your game hangs or crashes. There's no solution other than to beat the map before you or your enemy turns the map into a big maze by digging out lots of paths. Maps with water are a bigger risk than maps without.

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    dang, thanks. i had seen the pathfinding bug with my search but never could find if it was completely related or not. i appreciate your response and help!

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