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Thread: Darkhan's Eye (First Map)

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    My first map! There may be problems although I play tested and it all worked out as intended, but I may of missed something. Enjoy!

    "This realm sees you outnumbered and outgunned, keeper. Our scouts tell us that several heroes have established bases not far from your dungeon heart, so tread carefully. To make matters worse, more heroes are on their way to invade you. Good luck."


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    I have not played it yet, but some feedback on looking at the script alone:

    1) You're missing an 'endif' at the very end of the file.

    2) At line 222 you're using an IF_CONTROLS, but that is a KeeperFX specific command. Your script is setup to only use classic DK commands, since it does not have LEVEL_VERSION(1). You're using the KeeperFX version of QUICK_INFORMATION, but the classic version of CREATURE_AVAILABLE, so this will give you issues. Either go full KeeperFX, or full on classic DK.

    3) You've used map number 201, which is the default first map for the editor and as such a number that exists for everybody already. You should rename to a level number that is still free, check here.


    I played the map (after adding the endif myself) and it's a perfectly serviceable hero-invasion map. For a first map a very decent effort. What was smart is that you limited how many units the player can get, so that everything remains balanced. As a downside the heroes stopped coming quite soon and after that it was quite uneventful, just clearing out room by room without getting your own units killed. The 'side quest' of getting the spells did not have much impact as you don't really need them on the map.
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    Can't play it. As soon as it's going to start the games closes itself.
    Unlike YourMaster, I have no idea how to handle this programming stuff, so there is nothing else I can do.
    If you correct this issue I will gladly download it again and try it.

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