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Thread: Vampires not forgetting spells after dying

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    Default Vampires not forgetting spells after dying


    Is this a bug, or a new, intended, behaviour?

    Exactly what the title says; on being resurrected at a level lower, Vampires are retaining spells they've obtained at a higher level, which they should no longer have because they've dropped below that level. At first, I thought it was because I was using the Time Bomb spell, but I tested it with various other spells and there's no difference. Then I thought maybe the Floating Spirit in the level was causing the game to go funny, but again, no effect after removing it. I could have sworn that on the original game (and even in earlier versions of KeeperFX), Vampires lose spells when they drop below its required level. I am of course using the latest alpha (version 1896), and I can find nothing obviously out of the ordinary in the log file.


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    This is actually behavior I'm pretty sure was already there in the original game.

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    I could have sworn Vampires lost spells when decreasing in level, but I'll need to check. If you're correct, it's possible I'm imagining things...

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    I remember because of the secret level where you start out with a dragon and need to kill the entire enemy dungeon. At a certain point you have to kill many fairies with a vampire, a difficult task, and I lost almost all my levels of my vampire, but kept my spells. Then with great difficulty I managed to beat the level, only to not be able to transfer the vampire.

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