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    I have a few questions about AI.

    Is it possible to stop the AI from using the call to arms spell? It never removes the flag and breaks itself.

    And is it possible to remove the AIs slap ability? It just slaps its imps to death constantly lol.

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    It is indeed a stupid bug with CTA, but the slapping is actually correct behavior. Imps - like all units - work 25% faster while slapped, and yes occasionally the imps have to go heal themselves, but it should be worth it.

    What Endrix proposes are lines for the level script, how in each level you can disable the abilities to cast CTA or Slap, which works, but with the downside that you have to edit each map and each computer player.
    What also works, is modifying the fxdata\keepcompp.cfg file with a text editor (like notepad) and scrolling down to line 744 where the computer players are configured. Removing the 'Quick attacks' and 'Imp Slaps' from the checks there should also work.

    What would be even better, is seeing if you could modify the values and/or parameters of the checks themselves to see if you can make the CTA useful(same file from line 407 onward). If you figure out some values, be sure to let us know.

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    Cool thanks. I tried giving imps the heal spell to counter the slapping but they wont use it on their own. It only works in possession mode. Any fixes for this?

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    Like said, the imps will already heal themselves when they are really really low on health. But sure, you can change the HealRequirement in the imp.cfg.

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    I can't get them to heal at all

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    I just tried it, and for me they don't use the heal spell either when I increase the HealRequirement and HealThreshold.

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