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Thread: CAMPAIGN Assmist isle (2019)

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    I'm actually planning to replace second-to-last level (westw.bound) and release an updated version of the campaign, without neutrals in prisons. Hopefully this month. Based on your feedback, I'll also add more hints to the level.

    Yeah you were doing fine - there's nothing to do except heading east, although eliminating the blue keeper was a waste of (precious) time and actually rendering the level unwinnable as you'll need him later on. - a warning will be added too.
    Don't hesitate to use the walktrough in my first post for now. This is not a straightforward level.
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    OK, but with the texts, that's a tip for all maps and other mapmakers as well,... don't front load all your instructions. Get the player up and running, there's plenty of time waiting in an early map, when rooms or gold are being dug or whatever for some text. Give the player messages when they are relevant, that he can act on them right away. And stuff a player must not forget should go in objectives, not information messages.
    And I'll retry the map with looking at the walkthrough another day.

    By the way, I had no idea time was precious on this level. Nothing tells me I have to hurry up. If at all possible, tell me this not just with messages, but with the level design as well.

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