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Thread: CAMPAIGN Assmist isle (2019)

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    I'm actually planning to replace second-to-last level (westw.bound) and release an updated version of the campaign, without neutrals in prisons. Hopefully this month. Based on your feedback, I'll also add more hints to the level.

    Yeah you were doing fine - there's nothing to do except heading east, although eliminating the blue keeper was a waste of (precious) time and actually rendering the level unwinnable as you'll need him later on. - a warning will be added too.
    Don't hesitate to use the walktrough in my first post for now. This is not a straightforward level.
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    OK, but with the texts, that's a tip for all maps and other mapmakers as well,... don't front load all your instructions. Get the player up and running, there's plenty of time waiting in an early map, when rooms or gold are being dug or whatever for some text. Give the player messages when they are relevant, that he can act on them right away. And stuff a player must not forget should go in objectives, not information messages.
    And I'll retry the map with looking at the walkthrough another day.

    By the way, I had no idea time was precious on this level. Nothing tells me I have to hurry up. If at all possible, tell me this not just with messages, but with the level design as well.

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    Proudly announcing v1.2 with some major changes.
    -'One Shot', 'Westward Bound' levels removed
    -added 4 new levels
    -no neutrals in prison/torture rooms. Hope I removed them all
    -some texts reorganised, fixed typos
    -changed order of some levels. Order of levels can be found in the main post

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    Great, thanks. I haven't been playing DK for a while, but I tried your campaign again today and noticed the first level is a different one from the one I beat before. Got my ass kicked twice already because is simply couldn't keep up with all the insects spawning with the few traps I had. And I don't know if I'm too slow and the timer is sending them, or too fast and triggering too many attacks myself. I'll try again next time.

    When I'm in the mood for some DK, your campaign is certainly the one I'll play first.

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    Just a quick hotfix:
    There was a design flaw in level 5 where you're required to build a bridge, and defortify some walls by claiming tiles nearby. That didn't happen. The level was still winnable - you could dig corners of the room and blow everyone out of the room by the wind spell. But that wasn' what objective promised. Now fixed.
    -some quick infos eye functions in the first level were targeting unrelated areas.
    -in the first level, added door near to the dungeon heart so player is tempted to dig that way. Also slightly reduced power of a couple of parties
    -it was possible to transfer a from the first level, that wasn't too rewarding though: creature limit in second level is strict and you'd get better creatures from portal. So player also gets a shortly after start if transfer was successful
    -renamed 1st and 5th level
    -the reaper level's design was changed slightly earlier in 1.2
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    On the new version I tried 3 more times to get past the first level and failed. The first time I simply triggered a party of insects to the south-east before I had anything beyond the first few imps I made, but after that I got quite a bit further, but I have no idea how to win. I trigger parties of insects early on, have no units and just a few traps that aren't enough to actually kill the insects. By the times the large groups spawn the first traps are long gone and all I can do is sell whatever I have to get some money for lightning until I get overwhelmed. I also tried triggering as many parties as possible quickly so that I can kill more with a single lightning strike but to no avail.

    I think I need a hint to be able to get past this level. Am I supposed to use my imps in first person to keep the insects near the traps or something?

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    Let's say for the main insect dungeon (where workshop is located) there are mostly at least two doors where to go, one of them contains room that triggers insects, other contains some sellable rooms with traps or specials. So if you triggered an insect party, don't go further, try to find some more traps before you proceed. Exception are 3 3x3 rooms in a row heading north where the second one is scavenger - those spawn insects without mercy. There are also at least 4 secret rooms, so dig wherever it seems empty. One is right at the start, just a few tiles south-west to the boulder trap - contains lvl 3 imps. Other one, for example you'd find if you dug from your dungeon heart completely straight southwards - 3 more traps. It's safe to dig around the map, there is one weak surprise insect party south-west and (triggerable) heroes in the very south - not too strong either. Do not count on getting any units.
    And sure, I place traps around dungeon heart and if they don't stop the attacks I'll drop an imp nearby (and long click him so he doesn't escape) so they trigger the traps a few times more. Or lure them in possession.
    One more hint: the largest party spawns when you take their lair.

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    Contrary to most other campaigns, there are no surprise deadly parties. Assmist Isle is safe to dig around how you please. That doesn't apply to locked doors, of course. Strength of the (hero) doors usually indicates how strong the parties behind are.

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    Yeah, but I found the imps by listening on the map and looking at the walls you provided as hints. But imps still can't fight spiders. And the party at the south west, even though it was very weak, it did kill me because I did not have a single trap yet.

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    A few minor changes with v1.2.2
    As I said it's important to polish the first level so players won't give up playing the whole campaign
    -changed traps you start with, added more traps
    -removed one surprise party
    -level 13 - Reapers' Yard: final party made significantly stronger

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