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Thread: CAMPAIGN Assmist isle (2019)

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    I played it again, this easier version of level one, and I managed to win now. With your hint of putting all traps around the heart, and the additional trap you provided I won by the skin of my teeth. I was getting desperate, but sold all my traps and rooms before the enemies could kill me end ended up with 32100 gold, just enough for victory.

    The second level I played before, but I believe it had changes now. I did not go for the bonus objective because the map is challenging enough without it. I did claim the prison and recaptured the skeleton, but never got around to researching the torture room. The reaper attacked before it was researched, and I won the fight again by a very narrow margin, my last warlock shot a meteor that took out the reaper. Well, I guess if it died I could have delayed the reaper enough for the lvl10 tunneler I captured to turn into a skeleton and finish the job.

    Two points of feedback though. First, you numbered your levels in the 10000 and onwards, which looks dumb in the high score list. Since you've made your own highscore file, you might as well number your maps 1 to 13.
    Secondly, on lvl2 your object is to take out the reaper, but the level was not won when I captured it. I would use an IF_CONTROLS statement here on the victory condition.

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    Well done. Just wondering, If you had over 32000 gold worth of rooms + traps, why not just cast lightning strike 2-3 times to wipe the enemy out and continue the level? If you'd managed to transfer a (possibly level 7) skeleton you would be rewarded with a vampire in the next level (besides the skeleton).
    In the second level, the lightning trap the skeleton guards is the reward; managing to convert him is possible but I never do that.
    I actually never look at highscore table. So yeah thanks for pointing that out.
    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    on lvl2 your object is to take out the reaper, but the level was not won when I captured it
    What's wrong with that

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    Well, first of all, I did not know there was any reason to play on, I did not know there was a reward for playing on.

    And second of all, you don't seem to understand how close to dying I was. My heart was just a few hits from a beetle away from death (I already had to reload my save more than once because it got destroyed), and there were several parties on the way towards my dungeon that were very difficult to stop. To kill that many units they need to be bunched up, and without doors and without being able to tank some damage on the hearth that's not really doable. Besides, I had the feeling I had almost used up all the gold on the map, I mined out the blocks in the east, captured and sold the temples all the way up north and had already received a warning message that if the party stole gold victory might become impossible.
    It's not that I had lots of rooms left, it was my last tiles of workshop to sell, and the placed traps about to run out, and I just barely made the amount. If I waited a few seconds more I would have lost.

    As for level 2, with the reaper in prison you've basically won the map, but you don't know that for sure. It happens often on maps that if you reach the victory condition on a map you'll first get attacked by a final party before you actually win. This way you make the player spend time with it in prison, not knowing if he won it or not. Keep in mind, in KeeperFX the normal campaign levels are also all modified so that the victory condition is basically 'capture or kill', so there's an expectation there. I see no reason for the map not to be won with the Reaper in prison, but if you really want it to be killed/converted I think it would be best to straight up tell the player that when he has it in prison ("Kill or Convert the reaper and move on to the next realm." or whatever).
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    That's ok, transfers are just bonus that have to be earned. Not a cruicial thing of course. Yes, in the situation you're describing that was probably the only way.

    As for the message I understand what you're saying. However "take out" is a synonym for kill which does not suggest the reaper can be captured. Also the message actually says "make the day his last one" which explicitly states he should be killed. If it makes sense at all
    You're right about some other messages further in campaign though. I sometimes use the word "defeat" which may imply both killing & capturing.

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    Added videowalkthrough for two short levels: lvl 1 and 5.
    See main post

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    I just posted your first vid on the discord, because I got people to play your campaign there, but they also failed to get past the first level. (And were ready to give up on your campaign).

    Edit: looking at the start of the video,.. that makes sense. You dug south on the east of your dungeon heart, so all the traps could go east. I dug out through were the magic door is, so had to place traps mainly west and so had trouble when parties came from beyond the bedrock floor.

    Edit2: now I had to tell somebody how the cheat menu works so he could skip the level and continue to the next one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    I just posted your first vid on the discord, because I got people to play your campaign there, but they also failed to get past the first level. (And were ready to give up on your campaign).
    Oh. Thanks for that

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    Added 2 new walkthroughs and fixed wrong positioning on bonus lvls landview. So just cosmetic changes in v1.2.3

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    I've discovered your campaign thanks to YourMaster on the KeeperKlan discord server.
    What a great surprise! I just reached level 5, and I enjoy playing it as much as I did with Ancient Keeper and Post Ancient Keeper, which are by far my favorite campaigns.
    Moreover, bonus objectives are intelligent, useful and funny to fulfill.

    Here's my feedback for the first 4 levels :
    - 1st level is all about fast exploration and trap management. As I rarely play with traps, I found enjoyable to have to use them to survive, in order to reach the 32k gold objective.
    Tunnels are also a new funny thing, but I did not understand at the beginning what the hell was that
    - I found the 2nd level more challenging, because of the last fight, which is really close in all situations. The level is even more though if you want to complete the bonus objective. I did not have the time to explore the whole map, so I probably missed several things on this level. However, having an ally, even if he's not that useful (except for the last fight) was quite cool (this is something I wanted to find in AK/PAK campaigns).
    - 3rd level is once again about exploration. Easier than the other levels I played for the moment, I was expecting a really tough fight at the end. However, pretty cool fights against heroes with low level creatures
    - 4th level took me a looooong time at the beginning, because of the significant lack of rooms and spells. Then I got samurais, and I rushed the hero base, no longer using prison and torture room.
    Then came the last fight. THIS FIGHT! Hardest fight I had to deal with (including AK and PAK) because of my rush (barely had 12 creatures able to fight). I'm afraid this could be too punitive for someone struggling and converting all the heroes during hours, then getting wiped by the last fight with all those hero waves.

    I'm gonna pursue through the maps and provide feedbacks once I'll reach lvl9/10.

    Keep up the good work, your campaign is truly amazing!

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    Hi, great to have some feedback.

    Tunnels are going to appear a lot more throughout the campaign. Took me some time when I first encountered them in YourMaster's maps, this campaign introduces them at the very beginning. In the second level, except for the side objective there's not much else on the map.. So don't worry about missing anything. It's a really simple map about killing a 'boss' unit. The third one could be considered slightly easier than the previous ones, although longer than both of them combined.
    Forth level takes indeed a very long time to complete. Plus the final battle is quite a challenge I believe you. Prepare well, there's a mistress in the north-west corner of the map (accesible through the tunnel), claim any neutrals and dungeon specials before heading into the battle.
    Good luck!

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