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Thread: CAMPAIGN Assmist isle (2019)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebelot View Post
    Very nice. Thanks for sharing!
    You're welcome.
    How did you do? What levels did you like or did not like? Which ones were difficult?

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    Hi Kix/Yourmaster

    Im playing level 3 and none of my creatures will attack the monk or the hound except the vampires they have the flee symbol above their heads also the this is happening on the Grail Run level too. I'm running the latest alpha just wondering if the last update changed something?


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    That's indeed creatures being fearful and there has been a change in a recent alpha. I would have expected though that without new configs, units would not be scared. I'm assuming you did not change kix' config files at all here,...
    Do you perhaps have a save-game for me with units fleeing?

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    Hi, fear is one of DK features that never worked as intended. Unfortunately there was an attempt to revive the feature and it resulted in behaviour you're describing.
    Skipping the level is probably your only option. Use the cheat menu: add -alex to run options (in launcher), then ingame while you're in possession press F12

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    So you've seen it too? If you have a save from somewhere where it's not working as intended, I'd love to receive it so I can tweak/fix/remove the fear behavior.

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    I remember 1 or 2 years earlier (version around 0.4.6) warlocks were running away from stuck meleers and scripting fear didn't work as intended. I have not yet downloaded the latest version

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    Yes, in the final official versions the fear implementation is broken. In the Unofficial version I switched it off completely, and in the latest alpha I re-implemented a new, fixed fear system. So CSWinnall, I would love to receive a save that says the contrary, so I can see how/where/when it goes wrong and fix that.

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    Sorry havent been playing for a while ill get one to you asap

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    Hi so I played the level again and replicated the issue here is my save when the timer gets to 0 a level 10 hound and level 10 hero arrive and all creatures except Vampires flee from them all creatures are restricted to level 4


    I saved it as .txt file is this correct or do you need me to save it as something else because i cant upload a .sav


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    Hi, thanks for the save. I looked at it, and the behavior seemed ok to me from a technical perspective. How scary units are is based on the strength and health of the units, and these level 10 units have been given a massive health boost in the script, the Wizard for example has gotten 20 times as powerful so it is deemed 20 times as dangerous. And you indeed only get low level units to fight these boosted lvl10 units.

    I made some changes to the game, when it's available from alpha 2034 you can start the level fresh and it shouldn't happen as much anymore I think. If it's not enough than kix can tweak the settings in the creature config.

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