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Thread: CAMPAIGN Assmist isle (2019)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kix View Post
    Thanks for playing and for the videos
    Hi excuse me again, how to trigger the end of the Martyr level? i am making waves without break and the level doesnt finish.
    Thank you!

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    it's limited by amount of hero types you have converted. So it might take a while but not more than let's say 8 waves

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    Okay. Defeated all but the penultimate level. I had 5 horned, 4 wizards, 2 vampires and 5 dragons. On the map just no more units ) I've tried a dozen times and can not imagine how you have to beat off these huge waves of heroes ...

    Very inspiring campaign. Amazing, challenging and interesting. Almost every map has some special mechanic, the levels are very diverse. Thank you, for your work. Really enjoyed these levels.

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    So you've managed to win all the levels except the Reapers level? Even the last one? I remember making it harder a year ago but also successfully tested it. Perhaps a game update in between made the level harder somehow. I'll try to beat the level on the latest alpha.
    The creatures you've mentioned are quite possibly the only ones a player can have but it is also possible to make skeletons. Did you also try the level using skeletons?

    Thanks, always happy to hear some feedback on my maps.

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    Right, everything except the reaper level. No, I didn't make skeletons, but I have a feeling they won't live too long in the waves. Mages, dragons, and vampires heal, and horned reapers successfully run to the lair. That said,I keep throwing chickens on their heads for healing. However, when the fairies start flying, the incoming damage becomes too much.

    The level with the vampires made me sweat, the level with the bugs was interesting, the level where the creatures came depending on the captured rooms was very challenging. The last battle was way too brutal there.

    Anyway it was a great 2 weeks of playing in the evenings))
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    I played the level today and only won thanks to loading like 15 times. Figured out what you've been doing wrong: you said 5 hornies and 4 wizards were the max but my army peaked at 7 hornies and 9 wizards and there were still some wizards left on map. Got no vampires but had 3 skeletons who didnt make it to the last wave. You need to scavenge all the reapers and wizards you can. Still the level was insane, when I defeated the last avatar I only had 1 creature left: one wizard. He defeated him thanks to rebounding freezes and freezing the avatar himself. Had to sell all my rooms and doors to afford lightning strikes.

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