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Thread: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

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    I can try to work it out if I understand the architecture of the package delivered by GOG in the first place and of KeeperFX. Is KeeperFX also running on DOS, or is it just a normal .exe?

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    KeeperFX is just a standalone windows executable and it does nothing with the GOG version or original game. It only uses an official version to copy over some files during installation as proof of ownership.

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    Default Re: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

    Not sure if you're still looking how to but here's what worked for me:

    1. Download Porting Kit
    2. Download the offline version of DK Gold from for Windows
    3. Create a new "Dungeon Keeper" Wrapper from Porting Kit with the default options
    4. When prompted, select the DK setup executable
    5. Ignore the runtime and other kind of errors at the end of the installation
    6. Quit the installer
    7. Now Porting Kit is asking you to select the executable for DK: select "KEEPER.EXE", we will replace it later
    8. Download KeeperFX
    9. From your application folder, right click on "Dungeon" > "Show content"
    10. Go to "drive_c"
    11. Extract KeeperFX archive here
    12. Open Porting Kit
    13. Right click on "Dungeon Keeper" > "properties"
    14. Replace the executable path of "KEEPER.EXE" by "launcher.exe" of KeeperFX
    15. Run Dungeon Keeper
    16. From the KeeperFX launcher, select the installation path of Dungeon Keeper (should be "C:\GOG Games\Dungeon Keeper Gold")
    17. You can now Start the game

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