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Thread: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

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    Default How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

    Hi everyone

    I downloaded deeper dungeons on my mac with GOG

    Can anyone guide how to install dungeon keeper fx on my mac


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    Default Re: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

    I don't have a Mac, but I presume you're having trouble because the Launcher isn't cooperating with you.

    What you could do is simply extract the KeeperFX archive somewhere, and copy the correct files from the GOG version of the game into that. You can find which files that are right here.

    Then run the game with wine, and possibly with the correct command line options to force windib instead of directx (see command line option -viddriver).

    If this doesn't work, please share exactly where you are having problems.

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    Default Re: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac


    Actually I am not sure how to begin with

    I am playing dungeon keeper normally on my mac (downloading via gog) and I saw the keepeFX mod and I wanted to know to install it

    I went online but everything is for installing on windows

    Any chance you can guide me on the installation process, I love this game but I am not able to figure how to use it on mac

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    Default Re: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

    I just told you in the post before:

    1) Extract the keeperfx archive
    2) Move the files from the link above from the gog folder tot he keeperfx folder
    3) Play the game with wine

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    Default Re: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

    Hi Again

    Sorry for the late replies, I installed on my work computer ( windows, its works so good i love it)

    But at home computer on my mac I cant get the launcher to find the files for making it work,

    If I check via WINE I cant find the GOG file with the package contents

    So from my mac the following files _codesignature & documents & info.plist & MacOS & PKGinfo & Resources files/folder to a folder in desktop so WINE could find it, but WINE says files are missing to start DK

    Any suggestions

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    Default Re: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

    Like I tried to tell you a few times now, don't use the launcher to install it, but do it manually. All the launcher does is copy some files from the CD to the KeeperFX folder, which you can do yourself.

    Install GOG somewhere, you can find the files there. In old documentation they stile mention a 'game.gog' which contains all of it, but I believe nowadays you can find all the files you need in the 'Dungeon Keeper Gold' folder from gog. Copy these files to the keeperfx folder.



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    Default Re: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    Surely these aren't needed?

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    Default Re: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

    It's not about the files being needed for the game to function, it's about checking that the player owns an original version of dungeon keeper. So there's a check at launch if these files are available in the game directory. But it could be the case that it doesn't check for these.
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    Default Re: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

    Cool, thanks for this. So things should go from the original DK drive into the keeperfx folder. However once the files have been copied to the keeperfx folder something else needs to be done to be able to run this thing on a Mac (I'm using Mac OS X Catalina which doesn't support 32-bit apps, wine on keeperfx.exe is therefore not an option). Something has to be re-packaged into the same structure that GOG set up (using dosbox, some scripts, and some configuration files). See screenshot attached. But I'm getting very confused about what should be included in what.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 12.51.21 AM.png 
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    Here's what dosbox runs in the original package from GOG:
    mount C "game/cloud_saves" -t overlay
    goto exit

    So I tried adding all the files in the keeperfx/data/ folder back into the original data/ folder, and replacing keeper.exe with keeperfx.exe but obviously keeperfx.exe needs all this extra stuff to work that I don't know where to put.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: How to install dungeon keeper fx on a mac

    I've got no experience with Mac OS, no, sorry. Perhaps you can use boot camp to be able to run windows on your Mac, and have a device useful for gaming.
    Otherwise, I believe a Mac is usually quite expensive, If you sell it you should get enough money for it to buy back a pc or laptop more than capable of playing KeeperFX and many other games.

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