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    While not the biggest fan of DK2 I do like its terrain, it only has a few different terrain types and yet manages to look pretty fancy. This is the first time I've stepped into 3D development and the first time I've used Godot. A bunch of my interests aligned for me to work on this thing, shaders are fun and I like DK clones.

    Apparently the implementation for DK2 was pretty complex:
    "Incremental Delaunay Triangulation" I have no idea what that is.

    From what I can tell DK2 uses simple cube collision boxes for the terrain;
    1. In possession mode when you push diagonally against the wall your camera will move in a straight line, no bumps. As a Firefly you are unable to fly all the way up to the ceiling, blocked by a flat collision box.
    2. If you possess a warlock and shoot a fireball at the side of a thin distorted rock terrain (dig around a rock tile without claiming to make it thin) your fireball will collide with air. Walk up to distorted terrain and it obviously has a flat collision box.
    So I figured a shader that merely manipulates the positions of the vertices is good enough, it's a visual effect that stays within the collision box.
    Though it was barebones, the code sample in that last link was a good starting point, credit to that guy.

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    Default Re: Warped walls recreation

    Pretty cool! You should contribute to OpenKeeper

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    Thanks for sharing!

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