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Thread: Choppy gameplay in DKFX

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    Default Choppy gameplay in DKFX

    Hi guys, long time lurker , I have gotten back in to DK1 but a long running issue is the gameplay has always been choppy , I remember quite some time ago in the early DKFX days I had it running smooth. As usual I drop out of interest for a year or so but since I've come back to it I've never managed to get it running smooth (mouse laggy too), its not a huge amount but enough to make me not want to play for hours on end like it used to. I've tried fiddling with the options enabling / disabling but nothing has yet worked other then Ctrl + to 1 , this appears to run smooth but obviously way too fast.

    Sorry for ignorance but please let me know if I've missed something.


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    Is it running choppy from the beginning, or do you start having problems when a lot is happening on the map? Do you play the game on a modern machine, or do you have a very old pc?
    What resolution are you playing at, and does it get better/worse if you play in either your native resolution or 640x480?

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    Hey, yeah its choppy pretty much from the menu. When I launch Origin / Dosbox DK1 the menu is super smooth and in game is smooth UNTIL the imps start doing anything then it lags out really badly. In DKFX it stays constant. I have a relatively up to date PC, i5 6600k, win10, (running on SSD, game & OS), 1080ti 11gb, 16gb ram. Tried a few different resolutions all run the same!

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    ok, that pc is more then fast enough to run keeperfx without any issues. Which version of the game are you playing?
    Do you have issues with other games or just this one?

    And have you tried the -fps command line option?

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    Actually sorry I have just noticed that I do get a slight change in choppiness when the dungeon has grown, lots of minions doing things / imp orders but only slightly. Yes I've tried the FPS line but not sure if its changed anything if at all, should one lower it or raise it to try and improve smoothness ?

    Thanks for replies

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    Well, your game should just run smoothly as is. But if performance is a thing, please tell me which version you are using, and try running the game in 640x480 for a bit.

    I kinda read from your first message that the game is running stable, but slow, but that with 'Ctrl - +' it becomes too fast. Well, it should run at 20 fps, but if you use the -fps command properly you can set it at whatever. If you don't notice any difference, you're doing something wrong. If you set it at '-fps 30' your game should run at 150% speed.

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    I'm running Unofficial 0_4_6 complete.
    Yes it is mostly running stable but I've noticed when there is a lot going on it does get a tiny bit worse and the sound will crackle. Yes CTRL + is too fast but smooth. I'll try 640x480 and play with the FPS and see what happens , I appreciate your responses.

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