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    Default Demon Slayer

    Thanks to Metal Gear Rex for his permission to make a sequel of the Dragon Slayer

    After a titanic battle, the dragon and his spawns lie at your feet, dead. After taking some deep breaths you realize you have finally redeemed your family's honor, rejoice! Your fellow villagers gegrudingly hailed you as a Hero, for slaying the dragon that has terrorized the village for years.

    Your fellow villagers immidiatly gaved you a task; slaying the demons of Carbannog and destroying the fortress they reside. Your fellow villagers are being fully aware they are sending you into a meat grinder, however, because you are so guillable, you accepted the task.

    As of 22 October 2010, this link is removed for some fixes!
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    Default Re: Demon Slayer

    And where the link?

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