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Thread: Game Crash wenn use Call to Arms

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    Default Game Crash wenn use Call to Arms

    I have always a Game Crash when im using Call to Arms. Or when the Computer Player use it.
    I tried to solve the Problem by myself , but i can't find an Google any Solution.

    Hope someone here can help me.


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    Default Re: Game Crash wenn use Call to Arms

    Did you by any chance modified your config files? If so, please get the original magic.cfg by redownloading the game, and overwriting your version in Keeperfx\fxdata.
    And does the crash also happen with the regular version, or only with the heavylog version?

    What you can also try is updating to KeeperFX Unofficial.

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    Default Re: Game Crash wenn use Call to Arms

    It Seems that updating to KeeperFX Unofficial has Solved the Problems.
    Thanks a lot. :-)

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