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Thread: Are boulder traps nerfed?

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    Default SOLVED: Are boulder traps nerfed?

    ... or may I have inadvertently broken something (I've tweaked a few creature cfg files). In my games (seen on 2 different machines) the boulder traps do not appear to be able to kill a fly (literally). I'm wondering if this behaviour is known/intentional across the 0_4_4 / 0_4_6 builds?

    Places to quickly verify:
    - Dixaroc
    - Original DK Bonus 2 (Rogue imps)
    - Original DK Bonus 5 (Demon Spawn)

    Taking Dixaroc as an example, if I stand in the boulder's way with the Lv4 spider, it will hit me multiple times but will take off about 1/4-1/5 of my health at best before breaking. What's weird is, not only the low damage, but that the boulder also stops whilst hitting you. In the Rogue Imp map, chucking several imps in the boulders path almost halts it whilst it's applying damage to the imps.

    I've checked the cfg files and the only boulder-elements I can find are:
    - The HP/Damage values in magic.cfg (240 and 5000 respectively)
    - The 3 boulder reducehealth rules in rules.cfg
    - Creature damageToBoulder in their respective cfg files

    I've not changed any of those values specifically (at least as far as I can recall...). Has anyone else come across this?
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    Default Re: Are boulder traps nerfed?

    Yes boulder traps were too strong, so the devs of KeeperFX decided it would be good idea to nerf it to the point it won't kill a fly.

    Just kidding, you broke something.

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    Default Re: Are boulder traps nerfed?

    Ah crud... I thought so.

    Good to know though - thank you! Everything else was working as expected, so wanted to rule out that this was expected before I started digging around, as it's a very unusual element to suddenly start misbehaving.

    Update: How strange. Took a fresh install and my spider was well and truly crushed... I've run a folder comparison and it doesn't look like anything I changed I shouldn't. Ah well, at least it works
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