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    Good day, Keepers.

    I was wondering if there exists an official, authoritative list of music tracks that were used in DK1.
    So far I have encountered at least 3 lists with completely different track names.
    One is here
    1. The Horned Reaper
    2. Soft Flute
    3. Down Deep
    4. Mystic Tunnels
    5. It's Construction Time!

    Another one was posted in a downloads section of a long gone
    1. Peaceful World
    2. Birth Of A Dungeon
    3. Portal To Hell
    4. Nightmare Creatures
    5. Dark Dungeon

    Finally, the list here is contains not 5 but 6 tracks! Was there some music which didn't make it into released version?
    1. A Green And Pleasant Land
    2. Ghosts' Cave
    3. Enchanted Cave
    4. Industrial Dungeons
    5. Blackmasked Monster
    6. Storm The Dungeon

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    Default Re: Soundtrack file names

    I have no idea what's on those sound tracks, but the original disk had 5 tracks. You can download them in ogg format here.

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    Default Re: Soundtrack file names

    If I knew what I've done with the original disc I'd go and check, but if memory serves, the intro music is called Don't Fear the Reaper.

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    Default Re: Soundtrack file names

    Right, I actually have 2 (possibly 3; I need to check my Deeper Dungeons disc) official tracklists:

    Dungeon Keeper Gold:

    1.Soft Flute
    2.Down Deep
    3.Mystical Tunnels
    4.Its Construction Time
    5.Ghostly Waterways
    6.The Horned Reaper

    Original Dungeon Keeper disc:

    1.Level 1
    2.Level 2
    3.Mastering The Dungeon
    4.The Dungeon Keeper
    5.Temple Haunt
    6.Do Not Fear The Reaper

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    And my Deeper Dungeons disc gives the following track names:

    1.Peace on Earth
    2.Time of Darkness
    3.Hidden Gold
    4.Thieves & Wizards
    6.Dungeon Keeper

    It's weird that different versions of the game have different names for the soundtrack.

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