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Thread: First DKII Map (Skirmish/Multiplayer)

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    Default First DKII Map - Diarchy (2 Player Skirmish/Multiplayer)

    So, this is, as the title states about the first map I've ever created for DKII.

    Downloading the DKII Pro Editor just a couple of days ago I finally sat down and decided to put some time into messing around and seeing what's possible with it, having no Internet outside of mobile hotspots it was a lot of reverse engineering other maps to figure mechanics out but I finally got to a point I'm happy with.

    The level I came up with by the end, Diarchy, started off as nothing more that me creating a line of lava through the centre of a 60x60 map and making up as I go along.
    Over time I realised that there's a specific type of map I adore, the kind where the Keepers, while a threat to each other, have a much more threatening Grey to deal with, and so I started to play on the idea of the hearts not being far from each other in theory, but to attack the other person without appropriate preparation would leave you vulnerable to Grey.

    Being what is an essentially symmetrical map, there are two Good fortresses linked to the North and South side, one for each keeper. These forts spawn increasingly more threatening heroes who will keep you and your enemy on their toes throughout the match. There is only one way to collapse the portal on your side, by converting the Prince that stands by it. Upon converting your fort's Prince, the gate will collapse, and a veritable army will be spawned at the opposing gate with the goal of ending your opponent, near guaranteeing a win against all but the hardiest defences. This task, while not as easy as it sounds due to the near constant onslaught, is achievable before the players truly become a threat to each other and so it creates a race to either weaken the enemy keeper to prevent them from doing this, or to power through and get your own conversion underway.

    Each side starts mediocre defenses at their dungeon heart, this was mostly a way to stop the AI from regularly dying before the game even got started, and it's for this reason that the level is likely more suited to multiplayer.

    There are gem seams present in the dead centre of the map, but keeping control of them will not be easy as with the heroes and enemy keeper fighting you all the while, your imps will quickly die out.

    I can't think of anything more to say that isn't obvious, I'm simply looking for feedback and what people do and do not enjoy about the design of the level. Let it be known that it's designed with moderate difficulty in mind and you're threatened almost immediately.

    The version I play tested this on was GOG 1.7 with the GIM patch applied for AI fixes etc. And it worked fine, hopefully the map works on 1.51 as a result.

    Thank you for taking to time to try out the map, if you have any feedback or questions, please let me know!

    Download link:
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