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Thread: Bring Back Hound Sight

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    Default Bring Back Hound Sight

    The latest update made Hounds no longer able to see invisible enemies. Except this breaks certain levels where invisibility is built-in, such as Invisible of Twin Keepers (WHich is absolutely ludicrously insane even beforehand)
    or that is the question

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    The Hell Hound did not had the ability to see invisible units in DK. At some point DragonsLover gave the hounds this ability with his patch, but that is gone for quite a while now. Just ghosts, vampires and samurai(and units with the sight spell) used to be able to see invisible units. Twin Keepers predates the DragonsLover patch that gave them this ability in the first place.

    But if there are campaigns that do indeed need the Hound to be able to see invisible units, KeeperFX supports custom creature configs on a per campaign basis, so the hound could get the ability just for that. And keep in mind it's also very possible that there are maps that got broken by this ability in the first place.

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