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    KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.7

    KeeperFX 0.4.6 released April 2016. After that Mefistotelis kept working on the next version for several months, until unfortunately for us, in September that year he shifted his priorities away from working on KeeperFX. He has currently no plans to return to the project.

    KeeperFX Unofficial has picked up where he left off, however without further rewriting of the original game, so there are bugs and limitations that will stay with us until somebody with the skill set of Mefistotelis decides to help. Unofficial 0.4.6 was mainly about releasing the partial work he did in a proper package, for 0.4.7 there are several people who helped out with new fixes and features. The plan is for 0.4.7 to not be the last version.

    What's new in KeeperFX 0.4.7
    • Introduced a previously unused cinematic plays when you win the level with the lord in prison
    • Continue save will keep working when playing a free level
    • Introduced 'Atmospheric Sounds', to recreate the original DK Creative Sound fonts. Can be turned off in KeeperFX.cfg
    • When playing skirmish maps, instead of always the same bad computer opponent, you'll now get randomly assigned one of the better computer opponents (configurable!).
    • In possession it's no longer possible to simply dig through neutral walls
    • Imprisoned units no longer claim neutral units
    • Better visibility of units on the minimap
    • Fainted units can no longer block attacks on the dungeon hearth. They will get pushed out of the way when hit.
    • Mapmakers can now make campaigns that have the player in the role of the blue/green/yellow keepers
    • Added new sounds, some now used by the game, many others simply available for map makers to use on maps.
    • Several new script commands for map makers. They will now, among other things, be able to link multiple campaign maps together. (What happens in lvl1 comes back at lvl 20)
    • Fixed credit roll of custom campaigns
    • Fixed Meteor spell not exploding when hitting units. It will now push units around.
    • Fixed a bug that duplicated units on the map screen.
    • Several map fixes and tweaks
    • Several text and translation fixes
    • Several other fixes and changes. See the full change log here.

    For what changed in KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.6, see this topic. If you already have Unofficial 0.4.6 installed and don't want to download a large file, use the patch.


    KeeperFX Unofficial 0.4.7 Complete is delivered the same way the official release is provided, so installation works the same way. An original version (Disk, GOG, etc) is used to play, so after extracting the archive use the included Launcher to copy the required files over.

    Installation instructions can be found on the official wiki. If you have any problems with the release, feel free to share here or list an issue on Github. There's also a troubleshooting section on the Keeperklan Discord. Note that you will be asked for the contents of the keeperfx.log file.

    Music files need to be downloaded separately if you want to have the game music play without your cd in your drive.

    Development on the next version is already on its way. If you have downloaded and installed the version above, and want to try out the newest changes and fixes, update this full version with an Alpha build.
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