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    I decided to make my own version of the official Dungeon Keeper 2 campaign that is much, much harder than the original, and also quite different in terms of level design. I know drubjak has already done this, but for me personally, even his changes still feel 'too' easy for highly skilled keepers and overall didn't actually change that much from the original.

    So far I've only done the first level, but I literally began this project today (10/26/19). I plan to do every level the game has to offer.
    I will warn you, the difficulty increase is VERY significant, this campaign is not meant for casual players. Even veteran players will more than likely have to
    restart the first level a few times in order to get a feel for the map.

    Unlike the original campaign, whenever you make an impactful kill, take out patrols, break into garrisons, claim outputs, or kill important heroes/creatures there are serious repercussions.
    You didn't simply think you could wipe out an entire garrison and have zero retaliation, did you? Be cautious when attacking any garrisons or claiming outposts, such as Treasurys. 'Cus you will be punished.
    My version of the campaign also heavily rewards exploration and killing hero garrisons/rival keepers. Every nook and cranny are there for a specific reason.
    The overall changes to each level make for a playthrough of the campaign in terms of level design and often game objective completely different and refreshing. This campaign is more of my own work than the originals.

    I've also removed possession from every level, and the ability to convert goodly heroes. Both are too easily abusable and ruins the entire campaign in terms of balance.
    Hard limited the number of black knights you can attract on specific levels as well, as once again, another broken subject in DK2.

    Changes to Level "1"
    I added a new kill objective that must be completed in order to access the Lord of the Land.
    Added a hero garrison to accompany the new objective that stretches over a good portion of the map.
    Added many strong units throughout the entire level, and in hero parties!
    Added a gem; a well-defended gem.

    Changed the monk to a knight.
    Removed a trap from the gem room.
    Removed added training room - made the level easier than intended.
    Significant Changes! The level has been revamped!
    New patrols introduced that you must dwindle down; it will be a blood bath, expect to lose a lot of goblins!
    The level has turned into non-stop action and combat!

    Changes to Level "2"
    Added two new garrisons, each which house a very strong knight that is well guarded.
    I encourage you to kill each of these knights that are well protected, as killing them gives you a much-needed gift for beating Lord Darius.
    Like the previous level, I added a lot of strong units and several new hero parties.
    This level should be easier for starting out but is much harder later than the first level.


    Significant Changes! The level has been revamped!
    New patrols introduced that you must dwindle down; it will be a blood bath, expect to lose a lot of creatures!
    The level has turned into non-stop action and combat!
    New garrisons and outposts!

    Changes to Level "3"
    Map is significantly different from the original.
    Many new stronger units and parties; the Lord of the Land's strongly defended fortress has been expanded and buffed.
    This shouldn't be a surprise, but this level is twice as hard as the previous one.
    I strongly encourage exploration of this map, you'll find goodies you need to win!

    Changes to Level "4"
    Unlike the original campaign, this will be the first level where you will have to deal with another keeper!
    This keeper, however, has allied with the Lord of Land to eliminate you so that he may be spared for
    when the goodly heroes successfully win. (so he thinks..)
    You can choose to ignore the keeper, but I'd advise you to kill him - for you will need his portals to truly beat this level.
    Like the previous level, I highly recommend exploring to help you breach and kill the goodly lord hiding in his updated, bigger, beefy fortress.
    Removed possession.
    Expanded the map.

    Added a strong party that spawns after killing Keeper Darius.

    Changes to Level "5"
    Significant changes to this lords hideout.
    New portal to claim. (Highly suggest you find it and claim it, for you'll need it to surely beat this level)
    Added a gem; a well-defended gem.
    Of course the usual, much stronger heroes and new hero parties, garrisons, outposts, and more!
    Removed possession.

    Changes to Level "6a"
    Several new outposts surrounding your dungeon.
    Significantly increased the fortress with patrols, traps, outposts, and a shit load of strong units. (As this map should've originally been since in the story you're attacking head on to the lord's castle!)
    You can no longer convert goodly heroes, only evil creatures that turned goodly. (This way the player can't overly abuse the torture chamber)
    I will note that this is a big step up from the difficulty of the previous levels. Beware! Expect to die a lot over the tiniest of mistakes.
    In general, overhauled the level design. (Like every previous level.)
    Removed possession.

    Changes to Level "6b"
    This level is completely different. There now are two keepers you must slay in order to win this level, along with the goodly lord of this land!
    The two keepers have allied with the heroes. I recommend killing Lilly before making an attempt to take out the good lord or the other keeper, Diana.
    Per usual, lots of patrols, hero parties, new garrisons, outposts, etc.
    Significant map changes and objective changes. Added several new lieutenants that must be eliminated. I recommend having good defenses, for when you kill a lieutenant, you may be smitten.
    Added a hidden gem.
    Removed possession, and the ability to convert goodly heroes.
    P.S. This level is ****ing hard!!

    Changes to Level "7"
    Drastic changes to the level per usual, such as: new outposts, garrisons, patrols, parties, etc.
    Hidden Gem added.
    Added 3 lieutenants required to kill in order to gain access to the lord's secluded hideout. Be warn, killing a lieutenant does not go unnoticed.
    This level is ridiculously hard, so hard, in fact, I'm not sure if it's beatable, yet. Good luck!
    And of course, removed possession and the ability to convert goodly heroes.

    Changes to Level "8"
    Expanded the map.
    Signfincant level changes to design, per usual.
    Traditional new garrisons, outposts, patrols, hero parties, etc.
    My personal favorite level so far purely due to level design! (This level took me the longest to create, a rough 14 hours...)
    Now you must kill six guardian wizards along with the Lord of the Land.
    Added gems.
    I had many problems with this map working correctly and managed to get it to work after hours of tedious
    debugging, one of the problems was the cinematic scrolling I added, so that has been completely removed, sadly.
    Maybe in the future, I'll try to find a fix but for now, I'm leaving it as is.
    OH yeah, the level is, of course, HARD AF.

    Here is the link for the finished levels, just simply extract it and copy it into your dk2 map folder.
    I recommend using version 1.3, for the AI works much better than the keeper AI in version 1.7. In fact, version 1.7 AI doesn't work at all.

    Version 1.3:
    Download Veteran Campaign

    Version 1.7:
    Download Veteran Campaign

    I am currently in the process of testing every level finished this far, making them harder and adding small/large revamps of level design. Currently done with the first three levels, check them out, they're WAY harder and new additions!! Work in progress on the 4th level - around 70% done. Updated 11/26/19

    Please provide feedback with any problems encountered, or if a specific level is simply unbeatable.
    If players are struggling to beat a specific map, I will add hints on this post to the respective level.
    Thanks in advance!
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