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Thread: Frozen Keeper

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    Unhappy Frozen Keeper

    I have Keeper FX Alpha 2010 and it froze i have attached the log if someone could have a look please



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    Default Re: Frozen Keeper

    I did, seems like the pathfinding bug. Which level were you playing?

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    I think its called Tynmath Herez free play level

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    Interesting. That map always suffered from the pathfinding bug, but I recently uploaded a fix. Have you seen this post? Did you download the map before or after the fix?

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    Before sorry

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    That's ok, so just redownload the map and start fresh.

    Happy to be able to solve your problem.

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    Hi did as suggested deleted old map and it still happened when blue keeper built a bridge.
    Not too worried just making you aware.


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    Not to doubt you, but are you really, really sure you started fresh. If you loaded a saved game, that has the old version of the map included in the saved game. So, start from the beginning, without loading.

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    Absolutely sure i deleted the old version of the map before i started and didn't load an old game i'm going to restart anyway cause i'm struggling to complete ill keep you posted.

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    Ok, that's a shame. Might very well possible, but you would be the first to report a pathfinding crash on a map with the trotim-fix. I tried the map several times before that, crashing all the time, and after the fix I completed it without errors the first time.
    But I checked, the map at the link is the fixed one.
    If you have a save of the fixed map not too long before it crashes, I would love to get it.

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