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    Default Map Problem

    I need some help...

    Basically I have this game, and I loved it, it worked fine and everything.
    Then my screen broke and I through random circumstances I had to reinstall it -
    but when I did the map wasn't there...
    I saw the logo, the intro movie and the menu but not the map.

    When I torrented the file the exact same thing happened.
    Menu, Intro movie and no map, I can see the toolbar and I can click on it and it works,
    it's just I can't see anything in the game.
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    Default Re: Map Problem

    i need some beer...

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    Default Re: Map Problem

    Oh thank christ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purewolfie View Post
    Thank you, this took me 7 days to get an actual answer.

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    try zooming in it works for me

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