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    Default The Forgotten One - An Elite Campaign

    Hello, and welcome to my third creation of an original Dungeon Keeper 2 Campaign!

    Don't worry, this does not mean I'm abandoning my other campaigns, this is just a side project to work on while taking a break from my other campaigns.

    Key Notes For This Campaign!

    • This campaign will include an original story along with main and side objectives! (To know what your objectives are, they will be posted here with each level and their own narrative.)
    • Each level will be 100% unique, never before seen in my previous campaigns or the official campaign.
    • You are extremely encouraged to explore each level thoroughly, as there are many secrets in each level! You will be handsomely rewarded for your exploration.
    • There are now never before seen 'Captains' with a unique look from their goodly heroes look alike! Most Strongholds, garrisons, and outposts will have at least one Captain that will be essential to kill in order to overtake or complete objectives, in most cases.
    • But be warned! For in most cases, killing a Captain, or claiming an outpost will not go unnoticed! For Hero parties will be sent to destroy you as a repercussion of your actions!
    • I will try to add a new level every 1-2 weeks, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. As of now, there are two very polished, complete levels. The second one will take you around 2-5 hours to complete.
    • If you care about the story of this campaign, it is a sequel to the official Dungeon Keeper 2 campaign.
    • The realm now contains provinces, I'm unsure how many there will be, guess it depends on how many levels I decide to create.
    • This campaign will not be including the spell 'possession' in ANY levels due to how overpowered it is, making the game incredibly easy and dull. (May decide to include it later after making changes to it...)
    • This campaign, like my others, is meant for those who think the official campaign is far too easy. This campaign will be very hard, challenging, and fun!
    • This campaign will be using its own balance patch that I personally created. Balance changes to things such as, but not limited to: Keeper Spells, Room Costs, Creature Spells, Creature Abilities, Multiple Level Variables, and more.
    • The Campaign will be released in episodic order, ranging from Episode 1-5. Each will contain a minimal of 5 unique levels!
    • There will be a dedicated 'Update' list informing players changes made to each respective level, located at the bottom of this post.
    • A first-ever use made campaign with voice acting is planned to be added to each level! If all goes well during testing, the campaign will include Voice Acting and Text descriptions for objectives, goals, warnings, and more! (This is planned to be implemented shortly after Episode I is out.)


    "The one Keeper that was to save us from goodly heroes, has failed. After claiming all the portal gems and seeking to go to the overworld, he was stopped and killed by King Reginal himself.
    After the fall of the chosen one, the goodly heroes set a goal of eliminating the remaining Keepers from the realm, and so they did... except for one..."

    The Forgotten One

    Level One: Cedric's Hold


    "Hello, Keeper... You are the only known Keeper that remains in this realm... You are surrounded by goodly foes and have nowhere to go... So are you going to keep hiding, or avenge your fallen brethren, and achieve what the chosen one good not?
    It's been centuries and all you've done is hid and survived, I think it's time you came out to play... Now is the perfect time to strike! Since you are conveniently placed and located in Cedric's Hold province, you can make your first move!
    Cedric has abandoned this province, letting his forts and outposts decay, pulling out troops due to the lack of Keepers existing and all... Kill the essential captains in this province, so that we may move onward to his castle, and then release his grip from these lands for our own use."

    Main Objective:

    Kill Cedric's five designated Captains, and eliminate any careless heroes that attempt to get in your way! I recommend eliminating his first two Captains to the south...

    Side Objective:

    Locate lost creatures of a former Keeper brother that have been wandering aimlessly for centuries.

    There are a total of 3 secrets.

    Level Two: Cedric's Castle


    "Hello, Keeper... Now that you've eliminated Cedric's forces in his forward hold, we can march straight to his castle and kill him, his sons, and his remaining forces!
    However, we will need to claim his graveyard and prison if we are going to truly end his reign of rule within his two provinces..."

    Main Objective:

    Kill Cedric's Captains guarding his graveyard and prisons, claim them, and raise an army of the dead to overrun his castle to kill him and his sons!

    Side Objective:

    Find a lost workshop in this province, as it may have supplies to help defend against Cedric's waves of heroes!
    Our scouts have reported a second portal to the south, find it and claim it from the goodly heroes to help overthrow Cedric's forces!
    Our scouts have also reported sightings of an Elite Dark angel working for the goodly heroes... find him and kill him if you can, as he can only be trouble in the future... (Hint: You will be rewarded for completing this objective...)

    There are a total of 3 secrets.

    Level Three: The Loyalist And The Cowardly Lord


    "Hello, Keeper... Now that you've eliminated the goodly lord Cedric and his Sons, and claimed both of his provinces he once owned, we can travel to the bordering province once owned by a rival keeper...
    Although the keeper has long been defeated by the Lord of the Land whose name is unknown, he still has creatures that remain loyal to their dead keeper. Use your newly acquired graveyard and prison to kill the loyal creatures of a former keeper, and claim a much-needed room in order to kill the cowardly Lord that hides in his castle. Doing this will free this land of any unwanted problems, and give us free rein of a gold enriched province, much that we will need to fund our newly started conquest! But be warned, Keeper, for the more gold you add to your vaults, the more likely thieving thieves will be eager to take it from you..."

    Main Objective:

    Kill off what's left of the former Keeper forces, and then take their combat pit for your own use.
    Once you've acquired the combat pit, storm the Cowardly Lord's castle and slay him where he weeps.

    Side Objective:

    Find an old casino the heroes claimed from the former keeper, claim it for your own, and bolster your forces with rouges.

    There are a total of 2 secrets.


    Level One:

    Update 1.1:

    1. Added a new Captain in the south fort.
    2. Added a hero party to accompany the Wizard Captain in the south fort.
    3. Increased multiple hero levels in some hero parties and around the map for a better difficulty curve.
    4. Fixed some trigger not properly working.
    5. Lower cost of Wooden Doors - will be like this for all current levels and future ones.
    6. Buffed Wizards with heal spell and more.
    7. Minor terrain changes.
    8. Thunderbolt and Heal have proper cooldowns now.
    9. Lots of other minor changes and fixes, future updates are planned.

    Level Two:

    Update 1.1:

    1. Buffed the majority of hero parties.
    2. Fixed many hero parties not properly spawning.
    3. Gave every hero leader their proper leader texture.
    4. Increased a lot of hero levels for a better difficulty curve.
    5. Fixed pathing problems with some hero parties. (hopefully)
    6. Added special effects to the hidden cemetery.
    7. Minor terrain changes.
    8. Thunderbolt and Heal have proper cooldowns now.
    9. Lots of other minor changes and fixes, future updates are planned.

    Update 1.2: (MAJOR UPDATE!!)

    1. Added several new rooms and tiles to the enormously good castle.
    2. Added a hero party that attacks the player for breaching the castle.
    3. Lord of The Land now attacks once his three sons are dead.
    4. The level properly ends now.
    5. Added parties that protect the princes until they're dead. (For two of them...)
    6. Each son now reacts in a unique way when attacked.
    7. The overall difficulty has been significantly increased!
    8. Removed secret level. (To be added in future level)
    9. Lots of other minor changes and fixes, future updates are planned.

    Update 1.3:

    1. Fixed a major crash bug - had to remove two specific hero rooms to fix this. (no idea why it caused the crashing...)

    Level Three:

    Update 1.1:

    Special Thanks to Quuz for implementing the following changes! (Currently only applied to 1.7!!!)

    1. Stone Knights now have the invulnerability spell.
    2. Blue Keeper now has AI! Making blue somewhat intelligent and much more challenging.
    3. Goodly Lord's Castle has had minor terrain improvements.
    4. Two additional mana vaults have been added.
    5. Hero 'traps' have been added to attempts at claiming hero portals.
    6. Blue Keeper now has a 'Commander' that must be killed.
    7. Lots of other minor changes and fixes, future updates are planned.

    Download links:

    Version 1.3:
    Download TFO 1.3 Campaign

    Version 1.7:
    Download TFO 1.7 Campaign

    Note: To play the levels you must use the command line to launch the levels. Level One would go like this: "-q -level TFO1" Place this at the end of the command line for your DK2 launcher. Do this without the quotes. To play the other levels do the same thing except change the number to your desired level.

    Here's an example of how to launch level one. You can only do this via a shortcut of your DK2 launcher. To bring up this window just right-click, and scroll down to 'Properties'.

    Please provide feedback with any problems encountered, or if a specific level is simply unbeatable.
    If players are struggling to beat a specific map, I will add hints on this post to the respective level.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: The Forgotten One - An Elite Campaign

    Played the first level for an hour or so. I was pretty happy with my progress until I found the reveal map special lol.

    Managed to make some headway to the northwest and fended off a hero party from the southwest after venturing accross the bridge.

    The 10 things in hand limit is pretty annoying - I keep mistaking when I have a full hand with when I can't pick up more creatures because they're unconscious.

    I think I'm going to run out of gold before I manage to eliminate the southwest stronghold at this rate.

    I also found that imps are unusually stupid, standing idle next to a highlighted earth tile until I drop them next to it

    Will keep going with it though, it's an interesting level, thanks!

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    Default Re: The Forgotten One - An Elite Campaign

    The 10 object limit is meant to increase overall difficulty. Prevents the player from spamming dropping creatures, making it more micro-intensive compared to vanilla balance.

    The Imp AI might be a side-effect of 1.7 GIM. Which version are you playing on?

    Glad you're enjoying it! I haven't touched my maps in months but been thinking about revisiting them.
    My Dungeon Keeper 2 Campaigns

    Veteran Campaign
    A New League - Coop Campaign
    The Forgotten One - An Elite Campaign

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