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Thread: KeeperFX Color Scheme Corrective Surgery with dgVoodoo2 and ReShade

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    Lightbulb KeeperFX Color Scheme Corrective Surgery with dgVoodoo2 and ReShade

    Thank you Spartahawk for the continued work on KeeperFX.

    I want to share a little experiment with the people here.

    Since re-installing KeeperFX due to an overbearing nostalgic desire to command imps, I decided to investigate whether or not the default color scheme could do with a 2020 overhaul. I've actually been doing this with a lot of indie games, primarily focusing on games that look like they should be played on a CRT.

    I'm a musician and graphics designer by trade. This is done to my personal taste, so it might not be something you agree with. You might also think that I am crazy for diving into this rabbit hole, but I have always found the original DK1 color palette very... well... yellow and green-biased.

    This was more evident since loading the game on a rather large LED TV.

    Here are the screenshot comparisons


    If anyone is keen on trying it themselves, I may consider uploading it to my Google Drive once I'm completely satisfied with the look.

    The changes were achieved using dgVoodoo2 and ReShade DXGI injection.
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    Default Re: KeeperFX Color Scheme Corrective Surgery with dgVoodoo2 and ReShade


    Yes, I think the base colors of the background are not red, so that red elements stand out.

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